Cheung Chau

I am a city girl, through and through. However, sometimes a girl (this girl) needs to get away from the busy hectic city that is Hong Kong in order to relax, eat too many snacks, and sweat buckets.

There is something about getting away from the busy streets of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. I suddenly gave zero bothers as to what I was wearing, what state my hair was in, and how much my make-up had melted off my face.

I think my favorite part of the island was that it reminded me so much of Taiwan. The little street vendors with street food, the tent like restaurants, the relaxed lifestyle. It was like Taiwan + pastel colored buildings + bikes + the beach in your back yard. Basically perfection (for maybe a week tops).

They were mean so they had to be killed.

No amount of snow cones could cool us down.

Boats for days.
Because I wouldn't be Taiwanese if I didn't take a selfie. True story. 
And then I realized the three of us didn't have a single photo together. This was the absolute best we could do given that we had just sweat enough to fill a tiny pool. 

200 Dollars Poorer

Sometimes being forced out of the house is not a bad thing. Unless you are asking my wallet, then it is a very bad thing. 

This morning (also known as 1 in the afternoon), my brother came into my room and tried to convince me to go out and explore the city. The lazy, and slightly dominant, side of me wanted to stay in bed. However it is his week off, and he is always nagging at me to hang out with him, like a little puppy, so how could I say no? I knew going out would involve me spending money that I didn't want or need to spend but I also knew it would mean being active and a normal human being. 

So an afternoon spent in Mong Kok left me a watch, bag, flannel shirt, and cell phone case richer...but 200 HKD poorer. I would say that's a bargain though, and you can't buy a good time spent with your brother (yep, I went there). Family time is priceless...or 200 dollars. If that's not value for money, I don't know what it!

Easy Breezy

Last week my fashion blogger friend (Fashoncrave) invited me to a public fashion event. The event was essentially the launch of a fashion app called Zoolook in Hong Kong. It was the first time I have been to anything fashion related in Hong Kong. I loved how loud the fashion was, and how each outfit was a statement. But instead of me failing at describing what I am talking about you, just see for yourself. I apologize in advance for the awful pictures, I took them all with my iPhone and was not in an ideal spot for photo snapping. I wasn't planning on taking any photos but decided I wanted to. I am annoyed I didn't get a good shot of the first girl shown, instead I got a nice view of this man's balding head. Wonderful.

Now this last one is my friend Bryant, or Fashoncrave, who always looks effortlessly flawless.

Music Mondays: Magic Kids

...More like Tuesday Tunes... because I obviously forgot to post yesterday. So I apologize to my viewing public of about 3 people. 

Today I am going to ramble on about a little band (actually it feels like there are a million people in this band)  called Magic Kids. 

Superball is definitely a song that has caused me dance like a fool on the train home in Hong Kong. But that is a testament to how catchy it is, because really I could not contain my need to dance (unfortunately for bystanders).
I think my favorite thing about this band is that it literally sounds like a group of kids who have a passion for music said "hey, let's jam at 4 o'clock", recorded it and made a fantastic record out of it. It makes music sound and feel so accessible for some one who may not be the most musical. Not to say that they are not talented, because they obviously are, but I love that it sounds exactly like the kindd of music a bunch of happy kids would make. 
I am clearly doing a bad job at explaining this band to you, which is why I suggest you just listen to the music. Music is always more expressive than any words I could think of. 

enjoy. xoxo

Ditching Shindig

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words... and I have 15 pictures. So you do the math.

We were supposed to party it up in Shindig (an Ateneo event).. but there were far too many people. And it was difficult to enjoy when everywhere I turned I seemed to be 1.) getting beer spilled on me, 2.) bumping into sweaty people, and 3.) running into Faith Academy underclassmen. So we continued the night at Keg, where we proceeded to do the dance routine to Stop by Spice Girls. That is pretty much a sign of when you know a night is going right. 

(side note: why am I as white as a ghost? Time to hit the poolside.)

Wednesday Wishlist: Warm Chill

It is sort of getting chilly in the Philippines these days. Which sounds insane if you live in, say, Chicago (yes, that's you, Grace) or Minneapolis (and you, Maggie), because my Philippine "chill" is like a cool summer day for you. But for some one who seems to get cold in every situation possible, its chilly. 

I had seen this cropped sweater on the Monki website one bored night, and decided at once that it had to be a part of my wardrobe. Both this one, and the white version. Literally the second day I got back to Hong Kong, I merrily got on the MTR to Mongkok and walked myself into Monki. Now, I don't know why I did not anticipate the possibility of me lusting after every other piece of clothing in that store, or that there would be a massive end of the year sale. In short, I did not get the sweater and instead purchased other items of clothing I didn't need. I have a problem. This cropped beauty is still on my radar though, and it will be in my closet one day. Soon. 

The shorts are basic, any high waist denim shorts would work (actually everything in this outfit is pretty basic). This pair specifically is from Topshop.

The Joan shades are a new twist from the classic Lennon circle sunnies. That and the Topshop bowler hat adds just a little bit of edge to the outfit. 

Lastly, I am a sucker for a pair of ankle boots, and for gold studs. So really, these shoes are a dream, or a nightmare because they literally taunt me every time I walk into Topshop. Why doesn't money grow on trees again? 

This is the type of easy no brainer outfit that is needed from time to time. I figure it would be perfect for a sunny day but helpful when that gust of breeze comes up. Just enough to be warm, and just not enough to be cool. 

enjoy. xoxo

My Katipunan Family

Over the weekend I definitely felt the love from my Katipunan family. I was a little troubled over what to do for my birthday, as it is the first birthday I have ever had without my entire family there on the actual day of. Also, it would be a little difficult to top my "surf" trip that I took last year.

I decided on a quaint dinner with my close friends, initially I had planned on 10-12 people going. Slowly but surely things began to head south.. and by south I the shits. Throughout the day, my friends began informing me of various reason why they could not make dinner anymore. One friend, turned into two friends, turned into five. Which, is half my birthday party. This is not exactly the kind of birthday surprise that one appreciates. THEN it began to rain which, for those who know me, I hate.

Silly pessimistic me.

In that night i felt a lot of love, even if it was from a small group of people. It's all about qaulity, not quantity. Not to say that my friends who didn't make it, don't provide me some quality lovin', but regardless of which of my friends were there, I knew I was in the company of people who truly cared about me.
Family never fails you, even if they are not biological (well Joseph is biologically my brother).

Good food. Courtesy of Pino in Maginhawa. Seriously good food. I mean does it get better than little orange bowls filled with sweet savory rice topped with baby oranges and shitake mushrooms on the side? Or wine soaked adobo short ribs? Yea...go clean the drool off your floor.

Pretty Lyra :)

Even better company. I know, I know. I have the world's most attractive friends. Its official.

Now, no birthday is complete without a cake. Or a vegan blueberry muffin.